2011 Urban Land Institute
(Charlotte) Affordable Housing
Conference Video
The demand in America for affordable housing, combined with
extremely limited resources, far outweighs the current supply.  As
critical a component of every city’s urban infrastructure as utilities,
affordable housing is quickly becoming a competitive advantage
for those cities and towns which have invested strategically in
their own growth and development, and a detriment to those who
have not.  As newer and more creative mechanisms are required
to meet the growth of our urban landscapes, the cities that
choose to invest in their own futures will reap the rewards.  This
is a public and private investment opportunity.

Charles has contributed to the effort of advancing this dialogue
as a participant of the
Urban Land Institute's Affordable Housing
Committee (Charlotte Chapter).  His work in this area began with
The Richard H. Pennell
Center for Real Estate Development at
Clemson University and has continued through consulting
opportunities with
The NRP Group.

"Charlie is extremely bright and diligent in his work. It has been a
pleasure working with him.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable,
High Integrity

Jennifer Baus
The NRP Group
hired Charles as a Business Consultant in 2010
Affordable Housing
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