Larger than just ‘green’ building and energy conversation,
sustainability is also more than just a popular buzzword: it is the
way in which antiquated and outdated means of business are
being overtaken by leaner, more profitable solutions and returns
on investments.

Over the last five years, Charles’ contributions to various
sustainability endeavors have shaped his vision of how to
maximize value and profit in an ever-changing and uncertain

Retail Tenant Sustainability Study (Forest City)
●  LEED Training for New Construction and Retail, LEED AP
●  Site Sustainability Initiative (Forest City)
●  Two Retail Centers Built to LEED Standards (Forest City)
●  Project Cost Savings Through Sustainable Sites (ICSC)
●  Crosland Baseline Sustainability Assessment (GHD)
●  Town of Davidson Eco-Industrial Development Strategy (GHD)
Everyone's talking about green,
but who's teaching it and
what's being taught?
Charles Rulick, featured alumnus
Urban Land Magazine,
ustainable Development at the
Graduate Level
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