Whitehouse, Jamaica
Under Construction (April 2011 - current)
Site Concept 4.2011
First Floor - Main House
View west from jetty 7.2011
SW view from second floor 7.2011
Star gazing spot at dusk 7.2011
Master bathroom 7.2011
Across upper terrace 7.2011
From beachfront dining area 10.2011
Building a beach - this one requires 800 yards of beach sand.  10.2011
Rough cutting a beach cove, access trail and grand staircase.  10.2011
Pondering the beach...10.2011
Across beach cove at dusk.  10.2011
Thousands of square feet of hand cut limestone to finish the pool deck.  10.2011
SE view across the pool deck from upper terrace 10.2011
Jacuzzi under construction from edge of formal lawn at western staircase to the beach. 10.2011 
Beach at bottom of western staircase.  10.2011
SW view towards Sandals Whitehouse resort at sea's edge star gazing spot.  10.2011
View towards house from star gazing spot 10.2011
View across formal lawn towards pool terrace. 10.2011
Pool Terrace 10.2011
Continued progress at the jacuzzi...lots of rebar.  10.2011
Southern courtyard garden from upper terrace at bedroom five.  10.2011
SW view from edge of pool terrace 10.2011
SE view from edge of pool terrace. 10.2011
Entry to house - will be protected by courtyard garden wall to be built next week.  View from auto-arrival area. 10.2011
View of construction from pool deck at night.  Work continues with the help of roadway construction lights. 10.2011
Rough cutting the grand staircase to the beach.  10.2011
There will be plenty of rock to hammer out to make way for the stairs.  10.2011
View of rock to be removed across trench for stairs to future beach.  Imagine 800 yards more sand and the beach pushed out another 30-40 feet.
Exterior paint being applied.  10.2011
Upper terrace concrete inlay being poured.  10.2011
SE view from upper terrace across pool.  10.2011
View from living area through to foyer...courtyard wall to come.
Dining room ceilings being finished. 10.2011
From dining room across main living space.  10.2011
From dining room across terrace.  10.2011
Walk-in chillers under construction.  10.2011
Bedroom five.  10.2011
View of southern courtyard garden from gallery passage.  10.2011
From gallery passage across main living space.  10.2011
From eastern bedrooms towards stairwell.  10.2011
From second floor TV Room and western bedrooms towards stairwell.  10.2011
Second floor TV room.  10.2011
View from balcony one.  10.2011
View of balcony 2 from balcony 1.  10.2011
Kitchen tile being installed.  10.2011
Sculpture in the works 10.2011
Stone pool terrace being installed 10.2011
From beach 10.2011
Courtyard garden entrance at auto arrival 11.2011 
Stone being installed on pool terrace 11.2011
Beach cove hardscape elements 11.2011
Stairs from pool terrace to beach cove 11.2011
View of stairs and beach cove from second story (across pool terrace) 12.2011
Final Phase 1 Master Plan 11.2011
Pool terrace nearing completion - awaiting artificial turf inlay 12.2011
Hardscape installed - planting is beginning 12.2011
Auto arrival at entrance to courtyard garden 12.2011
Courtyard Garden Final Plan 11.2011
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